Sunday, April 13, 2014

Straw May Feed a Flame

This is the text from my FB post. It's not a comprehensive or detailed manifesto, but I thought it best to note it down here for now, as FB is not a very permanent place to save it.

"Let's begin with the premise that America is in ruin, and is heading towards a more abyssal ruin. The question then becomes, shall we either abandon her like rats a sinking ship, or with desperate measures caulk the bottom of the "ship of state?"

If we wish to be sensible, with full consideration of history and of the nature of men, we would abandon ship. Swim to other shores, or build financial life-boats proof from the political chaos to ensue. We will be prepared for a new age, relatively safe and secure.

If we wish to be foolish, mad, and heroic in the full measure of a patriot, we will stay and fight. We will become true citizens; we will entreat our neighbors and admonish our officers; we will refuse to elect the avaricious man and the moral coward to govern us. We will defy history and condemn the inevitabilities of time.

In the end, our only hope is to be madmen. We will have to tilt at giants and yet win; for if we are not brave now, will our future peace be just? If we never fought for a hopeless cause, will we have surety in any cause henceforth? Our virtue or our vice may create the world in a hundred years. Are you so certain that you will live in a safe world, if it has been built by the deserters of a city?

No. Rome was not founded by those who, sad of heart and pining for comfort, left the ships of Aeneas. A just, safe, and good America will only belong to those who were not dismayed. The rest shall perish, even at long last and full of years, in the waste this side of Jordan."

-Christian Boyd

Carthago Delenda Est

Like the Spring Returning

So once again I shall assay to write a blog again.

I think the appropriate thing to do after my recent statements on FB is to begin exploring and consolidating some sort of comprehensive political philosophy, in order to judge properly the current state of affairs and propose rational solutions to problems current and future. Additionally, research on current affairs (both American, Global, immediate and long-view) as well as the relevant history of the world. A bit of a tall order, but we've all got to do it sometime, and it's best to start early.

My intention is for the blog (in its new iteration) to be something like a forum for those people I know to contribute towards this "conspiracy" of sorts. Therefore, I want to keep comments focused on topic.

I'll interpose some humorous or off-topic posts as well, but probably another blog should be made for that purpose if there is a critical volume for that purpose.

If there's anything else to add, I'll address that in another post; please tell me in the comments.

Onward and upward, towards a true philosophy!


Carthago Delenda Est